Monday, December 26, 2011

December 25

Merry Christmas!! We had an enjoyable Christmas morning with my family. It was a bit crazy to get up and open presents and eat breakfast then have to get dressed and go to church, but we made it! And the girls looked pretty adorable in their matching Christmas dresses!
My cinnamon rolls turned out great! They were made with frozen bread, and they were pretty easy. Though I don't know if I will ever need to use the frozen bread dough recipe anymore, as I got this KitchenAid professional mixer AND a breadmaker for Christmas! According to KitchenAid, you can mix enough dough for 8 loaves of bread in one bowl with this mixer. I will most definitely be making homemade bread in the very near future!Audrey did a great job opening presents. She had a hard time last year, not understanding the idea of waiting for others to open presents or not being able to immediately play with everything she opened. It was much better this year, and she had the best reaction to everything she opened. I think her favorite present was this tricycle that she got from Nana and Papa.
Isla's favorite present was the wrapping paper! =)Link


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