Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 13

Day 13 Advent activity: Make a Baby Jesus craft.I found the idea for this craft here. It was a big hit with Audrey. Not only was it a craft but also a toy! Audrey had a lot of fun this afternoon playing with her Baby Jesus and manger.

She carefully held him and rocked him and warned all of us that we had to be careful with him or else he would break.

She held him up to Isla's mouth so that he could give baby Isla lots of kisses.

She held him up over her head and flew him through the air saying, "Super Moses!" (She has her biblical babies confused and kept calling him Baby Moses).

She even gave her baby Jesus some rum punch from her teapot. (Rum punch is her pretend drink of choice right now thanks to Mary Poppins!).

Sounds like I am doing a great job in helping her to understand the real meaning of Christmas!


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