Sunday, December 18, 2011

December 18

Day 18 Advent activity: Take a Christmas present to Maggie

I'm not sure if I ever officially mentioned it here, but we did get rid of our dog Maggie last summer. She now lives with Carly and a cute little one year old boy named Avett, just a few blocks down from our house. It seems to be working out well for all of them, and Maggie is definitely better taken care of now than she was when she was living with us those last few months!

We haven't seen Maggie since we gave her away. It was fun to visit her and give her a new toy for Christmas!Also, the girls were wearing matching dresses today. I decided to have a little photo shoot. This was more like a practice photo shoot. Next Sunday, they will be wearing their Christmas dresses. I really want a few nice shots of them in their dresses together in front of the tree. So, consider today's pictures a warm up for the big shoot next week! =)

Unfortunately, getting a picture where they are both happy and looking at the camera is next to impossible right now! I did it end up with a lot of fun outtakes though.

And a few cute ones of Isla by herself! She is sitting up so well now!
One final picture for tonight! My friend Lindsey just sent me a picture of Isla during her first Bible lesson at church today. They do a cute little lesson with the kids in the nursery who are 6 months and older. I can't believe Isla is already old enough to sit during lesson time. She is so grown up!


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