Friday, December 16, 2011

December 16

Day 16 Advent activity: Play a Christmas Game

Today, I printed off a Build a Snowman dice game for Audrey to play. I found the game and the free printables here.

It was a lot of fun; Audrey really enjoyed it. She has never really played a game with dice before, so that was a fun thing for her to learn. We had a snowman picture, cut out body parts for the snowman, and a chart for each number on the dice: 1=eyes, 2=nose, 3=mouth, etc. So as we rolled each number she got to put that body part on the snowman.

I didn't take any pictures, but if you are interested, you can find more details and pictures on the Toddler Approved page. (As well as many more fun ideas for little ones!)


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