Friday, December 9, 2011

December 9 (part one)

Day 9 Advent activity: go for a ride on the train at the mall.

There is a seasonal train at the mall that shows up around Christmas and Easter. It is only $1 for a ride, and it has kind of become a Christmas tradition for us. (Well, we did it last year and this year).

Today, we invited Simon and Elliot to join Audrey for her train ride. We got there just as the lady running the train was leaving for a lunch break. So we had to wait a half hour before our ride.

So we went to Macys and wrote letters to Santa. They have a little desk and mail box set up where kids can write letters and "mail" them to the North Pole. Audrey doesn't really have much of a clue as to what Santa is all about, and she also doesn't understand that she is able to have an opinion about what she wants for Christmas (which is fine with me!). But she scribbled her letter to Santa all the same.

We also looked at all the Christmas decorations and sampled the cologne (for Simon and Elliot) and perfume (for Audrey). Then it was finally time for the train ride.

Audrey and Simon in the green car. Audrey loves Simon and follows him around like a little puppy dog! When I asked her if the train ride was fun, she said, "Yeah! Simon hugged me, and I hugged him too."Elliot in the yellow car.
The train lady felt bad because we had to wait so long. So she gave the kids a super long train ride. And when it was over, they each got a candy cane sucker!


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