Friday, December 30, 2011

December 30

Isla got her new helmet today. I do not like it. It is much bigger than her last one, and it is cut very, very close to her ears. Because it is so close to her ears, it hangs down lower on her head and her face. There's just a lot more helmet there than what we had before.
Here is a side view. Compared to the first helmet, this one is very different. But...we got used to the first one fairly quickly, and soon this new helmet will look normal to us as well.
The good news is that it is a bigger helmet, which means she has plenty of room to grow. We should not have to purchase another helmet (there was no charge for this one). Also, this helmet should correct the bumps that have formed on the side of her head. Once that happens, I really think we might be able to be done with the helmet altogether. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it happens soon!

After the helmet appointment, we took Isla to see the doctor. She has had congestion and a yucky cough for the past 10 days. She hasn't had a fever, and she has been pretty happy and eating and sleeping well (except for occasional coughing fits that would wake her up).

But that cough is just awful. It pains me every time I hear it, because there is just nothing I can do to help her. I really want to just cough for her and clear everything out. Since we got back from Indiana on Wednesday, she has been a bit fussier and eating less and her breathing has become more like wheezing and rattling.
So, I figured the doctor would just tell us she has a virus and there was nothing they could do for her. Turns out, she has an ear infection in one ear. So she got an antibiotic for that. And yes, the doctor did say she has a virus, possibly RSV. But rather than doing nothing about it, she gave us an inhaler with some spray that she can ingest to hopefully clear out all the nastiness that it is in her throat and lungs. It makes me feel better to be able to do something to try to help her out a little.


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