Saturday, December 24, 2011

December 24

Day 24 Advent activity: Go to Christmas Eve service at church...and Nana, Papa, Andrea and Josiah came to our house!

I was really excited about hosting my family for Christmas this year. But I was also nervous about it being a stressful day today...getting the house ready for company, fixing a big meal, playing the piano at Christmas Eve service tonight, etc. There was potential for a lot of things to go wrong. But everything worked out wonderfully, and we had a great Christmas Eve.

Our dinner before church was hot and ready on time, nothing was burnt, and everything tasted good.
Here is Aunt Andrea reading to all the kids.Baby Josiah...he is growing up so fast, we are not going to be able to call him that much longer.
Nana brought a beautiful Christmas dress for Audrey to wear to church tonight.
LinkWatching TV with Papa.My mom and I played a duet at church tonight. It went pretty well, considering that we weren't able to practice it until this afternoon!Now, I'm off to make some cinnamon rolls for our Christmas breakfast. The idea of making cinnamon rolls sounded great when I was browsing through recipes a few weeks ago. But at 10 pm on Christmas Eve, it is not sounded quite as great anymore! It is supposed to be an easy recipe, using frozen bread dough and letting the rolls rise overnight in the fridge, so let's hope that is true. Even more so, let's hope that they will taste good in the morning!

Merry Christmas!!


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