Friday, September 30, 2011

September 30

Isla is four months old today! (or maybe tomorrow...that's the annoying part about having babies born on the 31st!)
  • Her four month checkup is next Friday, so we'll find out how big she is then. My guess is between 13-14 pounds. She is growing so much and getting so chubby. You would never guess that she was so skinny and tiny as a newborn. She also seems really long to me. She is already almost filling out (in length, that is) several of her 3-6 months sleepers. We're going to need some bigger clothes to make it through the winter if she keeps growing at this rate.
  • She makes all kinds of sounds and coos and squeals right now. She seems to enjoy talking to us, and it's pretty easy to get her to smile and laugh at you. (Except for when you are holding a camera, then it takes a little more work to get those smiles).
  • She is starting to be an easier baby. Not that she was ever incredibly difficult, but for the first few months, she never seemed to content when left alone. And I probably made it worse by never wanting to let her lie on her back (or in a bouncy seat or swing) for more than a few minutes at a time because of her flat head. Now, the helmet is looking inevitable, so I've given up my quest to keep her off her back. She is also old enough to grab toys and play with things, helping her to be more content to play by herself.
  • Her favorite activity now is to hold her legs up in the air and then kick the ground. Over and over and over again...even in her sleep at night! She can slowly move herself around in a full circle, just by kicking her legs.
(She's doing her Popeye impression in this one!)
  • She can roll over from her tummy to her back. I think it is going to be a while before she rolls over from back to tummy. She doesn't even like to move her head when she is on her's hard to imagine her moving her whole body!
  • She is making progress with her head and neck control, and I think she gets a little stronger each week. We are working with her still to encourage her to turn her head all the way in both directions. We are also working with her to get her to extend her neck and look up. She can hold her head up steadily, but she tends to keep her chin down. Shannon, her physical therapist, wants her to keep her chin up! Today during tummy time, she was doing such a good job with this. It's even harder to get that chin up when she is on her tummy. She was working super hard, and she did it...and even posed for a picture with her head (and chin) up high!
Here is Audrey at 35 months (because of course she must have her picture taken with Raggedy Ann too!). Where in the world did this kid come from? Because, seriously, she is a kid now. She's not a baby or toddler anymore. She walks and talks and acts like such a big girl. Every day, I am amazed by something that she says or does, and then I wonder how in the world she got so big so fast!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

September 29

Isla was much better today. She slept all night from about 8 pm-6 am and then woke up happy. Maybe she was just overtired yesterday.

Tonight, the girls and I walked down to church to hang out during Daddy's worship band practice. We listened to the band for a few minutes, and then spent most of our time in the nursery. Audrey loves to be able to play in the nursery when there are no other kids there....all the toys to herself!
Audrey also wore her pajamas to church, which she thought was the funniest thing ever. For some reason, at about 4:00 this afternoon, Audrey went upstairs, got a pair of PJ's out of her drawer, brought them down to me, and said, "Let's wear these jammies now. They make me nice and comfy." So, we put on her jammies and she wore them the rest of the day.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 28

Isla had a rough day today. I'm not sure what is going on with her. It is different than her normal fussy/crying when she is hungry or tired or wants something. She sounds like she is in pain. I don't know if she is not feeling well or getting a tooth or what is going on with her. It is so know something is not right but to not know how to fix it.

So, this evening, I could not figure out any way to get her to stop crying. I decided to try a bath, because she is always happy during bath time. Sure enough, she was screaming bloody murder as I undressed her, but as soon as I put her in the tub, she was quiet and happy, even smiling some. Then I got her out of the bath tub and the screaming resumed.

She went to bed easily and was asleep by 8:15. Maybe she just needs a good night's sleep, and hopefully she will feel better tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 27

I thought it might be a good idea to get Audrey out of the house during the house appraisal this morning. As cute as she is, I thought the appraisal guy might get kind of annoyed with her constant chatter while he was trying to do his job. So Daniel and Isla hung out at home with the appraiser, while Audrey and I went to the mall.

It was fun to do something with just the two of us! We hit up all of Audrey's favorite spots to play at the mall, including the rides that Audrey thinks are just toys she can climb on.
We found some socks on clearance at Gymboree, and they ended up being less than a dollar per pair. That was a good find, because I have been trying to squeeze Audrey's feet into size 12-24 month socks this week. Probably time to get some bigger socks!
Then we got our favorite special treat at the mall: a pretzel from Auntie Anne's.
The most exciting part of the trip for Audrey was definitely the escalators. She always wants to ride on the escalators, but we are usually there with Isla and the stroller, so we can't. She was SO excited when she realized the stroller was not with us. "No stroller! We can ride the escalator. Yippee!"

Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26

Bear with me, as this is just going to be a bunch of random rambling tonight.

1. I didn't take any pictures today, but I do have this video of Audrey singing. This girl loves to sing. Loves it! She also loves to learn new songs, and this is one she learned recently: Zip-a-Dee-Do-Dah!

2. We are refinancing our house, and it is getting appraised tomorrow. I'm taking a break from cleaning now to type this. I'm wondering how much more cleaning is necessary. The house is decently picked up, but it is not spotlessly clean. Does the cleanliness of our house really affect the appraisal? Cause I would really like to go to bed now and not do any more cleaning tonight.

3. The timing of this appraisal is not so great. Daniel is gone every night this week running sound for a show. So, today he was gone all day and then gone all night...which leaves me alone to clean the house with the girls. We were not nearly as productive as I would have liked to have been today, hence all the late night cleaning now.

4. Because Daniel is gone this week, the girls and I are looking for some fun things to keep us entertained. but I'm trying to get Isla on a better nap schedule so we are spending most of our time at home. I start to go a little crazy when left alone in the house with my children for really long periods of time. So if anyone wants to stop by and hang out, you are welcome to come on over!

5. Daniel's show is over on Sunday, then on Tuesday he leaves for a conference in Atlanta. I think I'm going to take the girls to my mom's house then, because two weeks all alone with them may be more than I can handle. I have the utmost respect for single parents...I don't know you do it!

Time to stop rambling...the broom and mop are calling my name.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 25

I went to some garage sales yesterday and was super excited to find this cute dress/top that Audrey wore to church today. It is made by Tea Collection, a brand that I think is adorable but their clothes are way out of my budget. Their tops run around $40 a piece, but I only paid $1 for this one. And it looks just as good as new!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

September 24

I got some fun packages in the mail today with a few of the things I ordered for Audrey's birthday party next month. The theme for her party is "paint the colors of the rainbow." She really likes to paint and do crafts, so the paint part is for her. And I really like all the rainbow party ideas I have been seeing lately, so the rainbow part is for me. We aren't actually going to use any rainbows in our decor, just rainbow colors. It's going to be lots of fun and super cute!

I got a few things from this etsy store: HeyYoYo. Like these really fun straws:
And these cute cupcake wrappers.

I also got some crepe paper that I am going to use to make fringe streamers. Via pinterest (of course!), I found this idea for the fringe streamers. They are super easy to make and so much more fun than regular old streamers. I had a hard time getting a picture of the one I made today. Go to the link above for better pictures of her streamers. Just imagine how cute these are going to be when I get all 50 of them made and hung next to each other in rainbow excited!

Friday, September 23, 2011

September 23

Tonight was our annual church music department party. Every year Daniel puts together a big banquet for all the volunteers in his ministry. It is always a themed party with lots of food and competition and fun. Because I love party planning, I always help him with the decorations and theme ideas. Before we get to tonight's party, here's a quick recap of our previous parties.

2006: 50's theme. This one was fun to decorate. We had several balloon arches and a soda shop. And wow, I'm looking very young and skinny in this picture!2007: Amazing Race theme. I think this one might have been my least favorite. Probably because I didn't take any pictures! I don't think we really did much to decorate. But we did have a big scavenger hunt throughout the whole church.

2008: Out of the Box theme. This year, Daniel decided it was too hard to come up with a theme on his own. So he had everyone come up with their own theme. Each table decided on a theme for the table, then decorated the table and dressed accordingly. I participated with a table this year, and our table was the "Silent Monks." I think we were the best table that year. But we didn't win. Yes, I'm still a little bitter about that.
2009: Out of the Box 2 theme. Since it was so easy for Daniel to plan this theme, he decided to do it again. My table combined with another table to create a giant wedding. We had a table for the wedding table and a table for the wedding guests. Each person played a different character in the wedding, and all of the characters were totally crazy. Exhibit A:
2010: 80's theme. I think this one was my favorite. Everyone really got into dressing up, and the decorations were fun. I spent a lot of time watching 80's movies and working on 80's trivia for this one. Plus it was fun to dress Audrey up in leg warmers with a side ponytail!
And that bring us to tonight! 2011: Survivor theme. Daniel and I kind of waited until the last minute to pick a theme for this year's party. I thought that Survivor would work well because the decorations would be easy (the church already has a large collection of luau decor), plus it would be easy to come up with fun game ideas.

I think it was a fun night! I took a lot of pictures, but none of them turned out that great. We had several challenges throughout the night where the teams competed against each other. This was the eating challenge, where they had to race to eat a plate of gross food. Yuck!
So, what should we do next year???

Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 22

Isla had a fairly intense physical therapy session this afternoon. Shannon tried lots of different things to figure out the best way to get her to move her head and neck and improve her head strength and control. When we got home, Isla went to sleep and slept in her crib for one hour and 40 minutes! That is her best crib nap ever. (All the other longer naps she has taken have been in her swing or carseat). I think I might like this more aggressive physical therapy!

I also have to add this picture of Audrey and the vacuum. Tonight, I mentioned to Audrey that our floors were dirty and needed to be vacuumed. The worst part of getting rid of Maggie is the dirt that accumulates on our floor. Maggie was like a little vacuum cleaner, cleaning up food and crumbs before it would even reach the floor! Without her, I am amazed at how quickly our floors get dirty!

So tonight all I did was mention the word vacuum, and Audrey got so excited. She pestered me over and over again, "When are we going to vacuum, Mom? We got to vacuum, Mom. We got to."

This was shocking because for entire life, all 35 months of it, Audrey has hated the vacuum. She has always cried and fussed when we run the vacuum. Always. But all of a sudden tonight, the vacuum was the best thing in the world. I strapped Isla into the baby carrier, got out the vacuum, and ended up vacuuming the whole house. After we finished one room, Audrey would pick the next room to be vacuumed. I let her push the button to turn it on and off, and she thought that was great. And the loud sound that used to scare her now makes her happy. She kept saying, "That loud sound make me laugh. Ha, ha, ha!"

When we finally finished all the rooms, Audrey said. "Now the whole house is clean. Now we take a break." Oh, she is a funny girl!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 21

I have lots of things to say about baby Isla tonight!

1. We got her x-ray results back today, and everything looks normal with her neck vertebrae. I didn't really expect them to find anything wrong, but at least we know for sure now. "Dr." Shannon, our physical therapist, wants to start more aggressive physical therapy to try to strengthen her neck muscles...starting tomorrow!
2. This girl is the queen of catnaps. And it is just about to drive me insane! She will take three or four 30-50 minute naps a day. I would so much rather her combine those naps into two 1-2 (or even 3) hour naps. I have tried everything I can think of to try to get her to nap better. Nothing is working so far. Some days, it feels like we spend the whole day trying to get her to sleep!

3. Early this evening, after an unsuccessful nap attempt, Daniel and I were a bit frustrated with Isla. Then, we got her out of bed and she was all smiles and giggles! She knows when to turn on the charm! Can't stay mad at her for long when she won't stop flashing you her sweet little smile. And her goofy giggle is adorable...I really need to try to record it soon.
4. Looking at these pictures, her forehead seems to be looking more symmetrical. At least, I don't notice it being crooked anymore...but that could be because I look at her every day. All of this flat head drama has led me to intently study her head all the time. And I study the head shapes of every little baby and kid that I see. I'm ready to stop thinking about head shapes.5. Isla is starting to look like Audrey more and more each day. Maybe it is because Isla is now able to wear some of the same clothes that Audrey wore. Since they were born in opposite seasons, Isla didn't end up wearing any of Audrey's newborn clothes. Seeing Isla in the same outfits that Audrey wore is like deja vu sometimes! Here is a picture of Audrey when she was just about Isla's age.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 20

I love this headband! But I can never get Audrey to leave it in her hair for more than a few seconds. She left it in for at least 20 minutes today, and I was determined to get a picture of her wearing it. But then...she didn't want to stand still for a picture! Little stinker!

Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19

This dress that Isla wore as a newborn still fits her now...only it's more like a shirt than a dress! Seriously, this girl is getting ginormous! I think she is probably somewhere between 12-13 pounds now...over double the size she was when she was born!

Isla had her neck x-ray today. I was expecting the worst--with the technicians having to strap her down and Isla screaming bloody murder the whole time. But it wasn't so bad. They took three x-rays. Isla smiled through the first two, as she was fascinated by the light on the x-ray machine. She started to cry on the last one, as I had to pin down her shoulders and she didn't like that so much. Overall, it went much smoother than I anticipated.

We didn't hear anything back from the doctor today about her x-rays. I'm assuming no news is good news. We will see her physical therapist on Thursday, so she should be able to tell us more if we don't hear anything before that.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 18

Here a few pictures from our Indiana trip yesterday.

We visited our friends BJ, Kellie, Ava and Truett. It was so much fun to see Ava and Audrey interact. The last time they were together, it wasn't all that pleasant. They seemed to clash with each other a lot. But yesterday, they were so, so cute and sweet and played nicely together.

Audrey doesn't have any girl friends her age, and I really wish that the Bungards lived a little closer so these two could see each other more often. Kellie kept saying that we could move to Indiana to be closer to them. We kept reminding her that they were the ones that moved away in the first place! We do miss them a lot!!
Audrey was a little scared of Truett though. It's silly because he's only 15 months old, and he was doing absolutely nothing to cause her fear or harm. He is just the cutest little guy. I think she was just worried that he was going to come and take something from her. Towards the end, she finally started to warm up to him. When he started coming around to give everyone hugs, she was even willing to give him a hug and a kiss!

After our visit with the Bungards, we headed to Daniel's brother's house for a cookout. We were a little sad because our niece Mariah was not there (she was at a friend's party), but we had a great time with Matt, Monica and Mark...and Mimi and Papaw too!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

September 17

We are home from Indiana, and I have lots of pictures from today. But I'm too tired to post them tonight, so I'll catch you all up tomorrow!

Friday, September 16, 2011

September 16

We decided to make a quick trip to Indianapolis this weekend to see Daniel's family and some friends. We got in at midnight last night, so I didn't get a chance to post anything.

Today we were trying to find something fun we could do with Mimi and Papaw. We ended up going to see The Lion King at the movie theater. They just re-released The Lion King in 3D. It's exactly the same as the original except for the 3D. For the record, I think 3D is the dumbest thing ever and a complete waste of money! But the 3D showing was the only time that worked for us, so we paid $11 a person (thankfully Audrey was free!) to go see the matinee.
Here is Audrey with her 3D glasses. She did a good job leaving them on for the first half of the movie. She took them off for the second half, and just watched the blurry screen. She did a pretty good job sitting through the whole movie. I was worried she would be a little scaredat times, but she seemed alright. She was very interested to know who was "not nice" (i.e. Scar and the hyenas) and who was "nice" (pretty much everyone else!). Every time a character came on screen she would comment on their level of "niceness."

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14

Wow, today was rough! Get ready for a long blog post ahead including: pictures of my sweet, ornery girls who refuse to sleep during the day, more concerns about Isla's head and neck, and a precious newborn photo shoot.

I started the day with the girls in their matching shirts. I have been planning to get a picture of them together with their shirts for the last 3 months and finally got around to it today! I would have liked for them to be in opposite order, with Audrey on the left and Isla on the right. But Audrey was being so squirmy, I was happy just to get her to be still long enough for a few pics.
Isla kept grabbing a hold of her hair, so I don't really blame her for not wanting to lay down next to her for too long. That girl has a strong grip!
So, we headed out with their matching shirts to go see Dr. Shannon (that's what Audrey calls her), Isla's physical therapist. It wasn't good news at physical therapy this morning.

Back when Isla was two months old, Shannon had some concerns about Isla's somewhat limited range of motion with her neck on both sides. She should have been able to turn her head a full 90 degrees to each side, but she was only able to turn about 60-70 degrees. Shannon thought that stretching exercises at home would help her develop the strength to turn it all the way on both sides. We have been doing this exercises at home consistently, but it is frustrating as Isla just doesn't want to turn her head!

Well, here we are 6 weeks later, and while Isla is getting stronger, she is still not turning her neck more than 60-70 degrees on each side. Shannon is not sure exactly what is causing this. She wants to rule out the possibility of a problem with her neck bones. She says that it is very rare, but sometimes there is something wrong with the bones of the neck. If that is the case, then this kind of physical therapy is not going to might even make things worse if we continue.

So, now we have to take her in for a neck x-ray to make sure everything is okay with the vertebrae in her neck. Seriously, this girl is trying to give me a head full of gray hairs before she is even 4 months old! If everything looks okay with her neck bones, then Shannon will move on with a more aggressive physical therapy plan to stretch her neck muscles. If something is wrong with her neck bones, then I have no idea what will happen next.

(Actually I just did a little internet research and found a name for this: Klippel-Feil syndrome. It is when some of the neck vertebrae fuse together. It's kind of scary to read about all the possible problems associated with it. So let's just pray that everything looks good on Isla's x-ray!!!)

Daniel was off work this afternoon. So after physical therapy, I left him with the girls and went to take pictures of my friend's new baby. This was a bright spot to the day. Baby Havanna was the perfect little model, sleeping and snuggling all the way through our photo shoot.

After the photo shoot, I came home to two little girls who were refusing to nap. Audrey especially was just a mess all afternoon and evening. Today was definite proof that she really still needs to nap daily!

The long day continued as I also taught a few piano lessons and cooked dinner for our family and for two other families. Why did I squeeze all of these things into one day?? All of this on only three hours of sleep last night, as I have not been sleeping well lately at all.

I am staying up way too late blogging about this long day. Time to get some sleep now and hope for smoother sailing tomorrow!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 13

Lindsey and I finished up all our work to get Sprouts ready for another year. It's looking better and better each year. (This is our 3rd year to set it up). I joked tonight that we just need about 10 more years and we might actually get it to look exactly like we want it to look!

This is what we are calling the Dramatic Play Area. It has a puppet show, music center, Doctor's Office, writing center, nursery, bedroom, kitchen, grocery store, train table, dinosaur table, and Little People Circus table! It looks so pretty now, but it will only take about 5 minutes on Thursday morning before the place looks like a disaster area.

This is what I am most excited about...our new and improved grocery store. It's a horrible picture because I only had my phone with me tonight. But, loook at the floor. Do you see that beautiful tile? That is our brand new piece of vinyl flooring that we put down in this area! SO MUCH BETTER than the dirty garage floor with chipped paint and vents all over the place. We also got a carpet remnant for the nursery/bedroom area...having a finished floor really improves the look (and cleanliness) of the place!

Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12

Two pictures for each of my little girls!

Here is baby Isla hanging out in her Bumbo chair and making her favorite face.
You know, I really do not want Isla to have to wear a helmet. But I am stressing myself out trying to keep her off her back. So, if we do decide to go with a helmet, there will definitely be some relief on my part. And I'm sure Isla will appreciate it as well. She might just get to lay on her back and hang out sometimes, without me trying to turn her head or sit her up or do anything to get her off the back of her head.

Audrey will often put her hands on her hips. And she often does it while she is saying something cute or funny. It's like she knows she is saying something cute or funny, and she also knows that putting her hands on her hips makes it even cuter or funnier...thus getting a better reaction out of her intended audience!

I took this picture after she was spinning around and around saying, "I'm a princess." I asked her what she was doing, and she stopped, put her hands on her hips, tilted her head down and gave a cute little smile and said, "I'm just being a princess, Mommy. I am Glinda."

Saturday, September 10, 2011

September 10

Our Sprouts playgroup starts up again next Thursday. Today, Lindsey and I had a work day to start getting our play area cleaned up and ready to go. Each year, we try to improve the area and make it look better (and cleaner, which is tricky because it is in an old car service garage!). We don't have much money, so most of what we use is donated or scavenged from around the church. I think we manage to do a decent job making it look good (I'll try to post some pictures once we finish next week)...just imagine how good we could make it look if we had a lot of money!

Anyway, I spent most of the day working there. Then I came home, made a quick grocery list, and sent Daniel and the girls to the grocery store. While they were shopping, I headed to the hospital to visit my friend Heather, who finally had her baby! Then it was time to hurry home and get supper ready.

Before bedtime, Daniel went for a run, and I had a chance to play with the girls a little bit. I hadn't seen them all day long! Check out Isla, who was holding her head up like a champ during tummy time tonight. Such a big girl!

Friday, September 9, 2011

September 9

I was going to put this in yesterday's post but I forgot.

Here is a video of Isla's newest trick: rolling over!

I'm not sure that she is really intending to roll over, or if she is just losing her balance and falling over! But we think it is fun, especially Audrey who cracks up laughing every time. Isla did this for the first time in the physical therapist's office last week, and she has repeated it at home several times since then. I think she is just trying to figure out a way to get out of all this tummy time that we keep forcing on her.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 8

I bought these matching pj's back in February, when we were in Florida. I even blogged about buying them, and about how Audrey carried them around and kept saying "one for Audrey and one for baby." I couldn't wait to get a picture of them together in their matching jammies. We just had to wait until Isla was big enough to wear them!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 7

Isla had her appointment at Hanger (the company that makes helmets) today. We met with the orthotist who measured her head and gave us an idea of the severity of her brachycephaly. They covered her head with this sock-type thing and then scanned it. I thought she would be really annoyed by that thing, but she did a good job and didn't cry at all. Here is what she looked like getting ready for the scan:
During the scan:And here is what her scan looked like on the computer:The funny thing is...her scan doesn't look all that bad. Daniel, the orthotist, and I all looked at it and were really surprised. The scan shows that it is flat in back and more triangular in shape. But in person, it appears to be much more severe. The orthotist thinks this is because the scan isn't quite measuring her head exactly where it is the flattest. Her head slopes up in the back (which is common with brachycephaly), and she thought that might be throwing off the scan a little bit.

To measure brachycephaly, they use what is called the cranial proportion index (CPI). I don't fully understand how it works, but they use a percentage to determine how proportion the head is. Normal is around 80%. Severe is 100%.

According to Isla's scan, her head measured at 94%. That seems pretty severe to me, but the orthotist assured us she is in the moderate range. Even if the scan isn't quite accurate and her head is worse than it shows, she still thought that Isla would be considered a moderate case. She also said that it is purely a cosmetic concern, in her opinion. ( I guess there are varying opinions about how this could possibly cause medical problems later in life if untreated).

So, basically, it is up to us as to whether we treat (i.e. get a helmet) her or not. We can leave her as she is and hope that her head rounds out on its own. Or we can get her a helmet, which will most definitely lead to a big improvement in the shape of her head.

I really just wanted the orthotist to tell us what to do. She didn't. Rather she repeatedly said that it was our choice whether we treated her or not. How do you know what to do? We don't know what will happen to her head as she grows? It is possible that it may round out and elongate and appear more normal on its own. Ot may stay flat in the back and wide in the front but not affect her forehead or facial features or appearance. I am perfectly fine with either of those options.

However, it might stay flat in the back and then cause problems in her appearance. Her forehead could bulge out more. Her head would most likely get wider and stick out above her ears. It could cause problems with asymmetric facial features, which could lead to eye and jaw problems. The window of opportunity to treat this bascially ends by 12 months. So if we don't do something in the next few months, then there will be nothing that we could do later in life. What if she really starts to look deformed because of this? we just go ahead with the hassle and expense of the helmet in order to avoid the possibility of future problems? Or do we just hold out and hope that everything will work itself out...or that it won't cause too many noticeable problems...or that she won't grow up and be mad at us for not fixing it when we had the chance?

Right now, the plan is to go back for another scan in 6 weeks. Then we will be able to see if it is improving, getting worse or staying the same. From that point, we will need to make a decision about the helmet.

We asked the orthotist what she would do if it was her own child. She said that if her child were to present with the same scan results and appearance as Isla, she would definitely treat her. I think for now, we agree with her. If we don't see improved results at the next scan, then we will move ahead with the helmet. If it is getting better, then we will re-evaluate and decide what the next step is. At least that is how we feel right now.

Throughout all this, we will continue to meet with our physical therapist. We will also have Isla's 4 month dr's appointment before the scan. I'm hoping to get input from both the therapist and our pediatrician about what they would recommend for us to do. I know that we are the parents, and we are supposed to be in charge. But I don't want to make this decision! I don't want to be a perfectionist who is trying to create a perfect child with a perfectly shaped head. I don't care if her head is a little flat or funny shaped. But I don't want to ignore this and then end up with more serious problems (both cosmetic and medical) later in life. I just don't know!!!!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

September 5

We had a nice Labor Day today. The weather was beautiful! The girls and I played outside for a while this afternoon while Daddy was doing some yardwork.

I think someone gave Audrey a happy pill this morning, because she was extremely happy and pleasant all day long. She really loved playing outside...who wouldn't on such a beautiful sunny day?
I also think someone gave Isla a sleeping pill today. She napped really well, including an unprecedented three hour nap this afternoon. Three hours! The girl will normally only sleep for 30-50 minutes a a time during the day. It was crazy. We'll see if that affects her night time sleep. For the past 6 nights, she has slept from 8:30-6:30 or so without waking up. We'll see if she makes it all the way through the night tonight after so much daytime sleep today.