Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1, part two

How is it possible that this tiny, skinny, fragile little newborn..
has transformed into a roly poly, happy, healthy infant??Isla is 6 months old today, and it is unbelievable (as always) how quickly she has grown. Check out those legs! They were so very skinny when she was born and now she has humongous thunder thighs!

In the picture above, Isla is showing off her latest trick...grabbing hold of her feet and playing with them.

I wish I could freeze time right now, because this is such a fun age with Isla. She is such a happy, content little girl. She smiles at pretty much everyone who looks at her. She squeals and coos and likes to talk to us. She is extremely interested in all her toys right now. She loves to shake rattles and tries to eat everything.
Isla got two teeth in the past two weeks, and I'm guessing from the amount of finger gnawing and drooling going on that more will pop up soon. She is eating cereal like a champ, and we need to start adding some more solids into her diet.

She is still waking up at night one time, usually between 3-5 am. For a while she was sleeping through the night, but she has given that up for the past month or so. Right now, we usually feed her a bottle and she goes right back to sleep. One of these days, we probably need to get serious about getting her to go back to sleep without the bottle. But she really doesn't eat very much in a day (though you can't tell by looking at her!). I'm not sure she is quite ready to be done with the night time bottle yet.
She is still not rolling over but she's close. She just needs a tiny little nudge, and then she can do it. I really think she will conquer that skill in the next month or so. As long as she is meeting other milestones, I'm not too worried about her rolling over. She will do it when she wants to do it.

She is very close to being able to sit up on her own. Yesterday, she sat up by herself for 8 seconds, which I think was a new record. I'm happy to see her right on track with the sitting milestone, since she has been a little behind on a few other things.

As I was picking out clothes for Isla this morning, I remembered that Audrey wore this purple shirt in her 6 month pictures. (Yes I'm weird and remember odd things like that). So I decided to put Isla in the same outfit. Then I just had to do a comparison picture with the two of them side by side, because I am addicted to making these side by side pictures.


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