Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 22

Day 22 Advent activity: Watch a Christmas movie

I DVR'ed the old Santa Claus is Coming to Town movie, so we watched that tonight before bed. We really only watched the beginning and the end, as I fast forwarded through at least 30 minutes in the middle. Audrey didn't really care though. She was happy enough just to watch the Santa Claus is Coming to Town song at the end. That is the newest Christmas song that she is learning. She has even made up actions of her own to go along with the words, and it is so cute when she sings it.

Also, Isla had a physical therapy appointment today. She is only going once a month for physical therapy now, just to check in and make sure her development remains on track. Shannon (our physical therapist) gave her glowing reviews for her ability to sit up by herself so steadily. She also got great reviews for her head control and range of motion, which has improved tremendously over the past few months.

The only thing we still need to work on is tummy time and rolling over. While she has rolled over, she is not doing it regularly. We have been consistent with making her do lots of tummy time, but she STILL doesn't like it much. I'm thinking that is a big reason why she doesn't want to roll over. Why roll over and be on her tummy, which she hates, when she could just stay on her back and side, which she loves.

In the end, Shannon says that if she doesn't roll over, it's still okay. As long as she continues to develop normally in other areas and we continue to put her on her tummy so she can build strength, then it is okay if she doesn't want to roll over yet. I just wish she would be a little happier during tummy time. I didn't expect it to still be such a chore at 6 months old.


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