Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December 20

Day 20 Advent activity: Drink hot chocolate and make Christmas cookies (plus an update about Isla's helmet at the end of this post!)

Audrey was excited about her hot chocolate, so we had it right after breakfast this morning. She insisted on drinking it out of a straw.
We also made sugar cookies tonight. This was my first time to make sugar cookies and frosting from scratch. Since the gingerbread cookies went so well the other night, I figured I might as well try out some sugar cookies too! The cookies turned out really well...not too shabby for my first attempt.Audrey loves to help bake. I had visions of us cutting out and decorating all these cookies together. Then reality set in and I quickly remembered that Audrey's "help" is not always that helpful. She helped me mix the dough this afternoon, then tonight she helped me roll out a few cookies. And then she got to decorate one cookie. She dumped half a bottle of three different kinds of sprinkles on her cookie, and I decided that was enough decorating for her. She was happy just to eat her cookie, and I was happy to finish up the decorating after she went to bed!

Also today, I took Isla to Hanger to have Mary (our orthotist, who is in charge of Isla's helmet treatment) take a look at the bulges on Isla's head. They really haven't gotten better at all the past three weeks. Mary agreed. She was concerned about the bulges and wants to take care of them now so it doesn't get worse.

So Isla is getting a new helmet! This one will be cut down lower around her ears to apply pressure to those bulges and push them back in. Mary thinks this will work. At this point, the back of Isla's head looks GREAT! I am really pleased with it. Now, the problem is these bulges on the side. So this new helmet (while still helping to correct the flat, triangular head shape) will mostly be worn for the purpose of correcting the side bulging, which was caused by wearing the helmet in the first place.

That's a little frustrating. We definitely won't be done with the helmet in early January like I had earlier hoped. My new goal for being done with the helmet is 6 weeks after we get the new helmet (next week). That would be early-mid February...right before we leave for Florida.

And on a final note, today is our wedding anniversary...we've been married eight years today! Crazy!! That is such a long time. I have been feeling very old today. We didn't do anything to celebrate today. Having an anniversary so close to Christmas makes it hard to do much as it is always a crazy time. We are planning to go out and celebrate next week while we are in Indianapolis and Daniel's parents can watch the girls.


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