Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 8

Day 8 Advent activity: Watch a Christmas movie.

We went to Family Video to pick out a movie tonight, and I let Audrey choose the movie. Next time, I think I will just pick out the movie for her! I tried to direct her to some of the children's Rudolph or Frosty or Charlie Brown. But guess what movie Audrey insisted on getting?

Shrek the Halls.

She has never seen the regular Shrek movies, as I don't think they are appropriate for three year olds. But this holiday one is pretty tame and safe for little ones. It's also really short...only 20 minutes long! I think it was a 30 minute TV special at one point.

While watching Shrek try to figure out the meaning of Christmas, I realized that we really need to watch a Christmas movie this season that tells about the real meaning of Christmas! Family Video definitely didn't have any of those in their holiday section. Anyone know a movie about the story of Jesus' birth that would be enjoyed by a three year old? I know Veggie Tales has a couple of Christmas movies. I need to do some investigating and make sure that at least one of our movie nights helps Audrey learn about Jesus!


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