Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December 21

Day 21 Advent activities: Go to a Christmas party at Miss Lisa's house and deliver goodies to neighbors

Our friend Lisa, who occasionally watches the girls, also watches a little girl named Anna a few days a week. Anna is a few weeks older than Audrey, and they are good friends in Sunday School and at Sprouts. Anna has been asking for weeks if Audrey and Isla can come over and play at Miss Lisa's house. So today, Lisa invited the girls over for a Christmas party (while I got to go and finish some last minute shopping and enjoy a lunch date with Daniel!).

Lisa had all kinds of fun things for the girls to do. They made a couple of crafts. They made cookies. They got their faces painted. Basically, all of Audrey's most favorite things to do! Here are a few pictures from Lisa:

Also, while I was cooking dinner tonight, Daniel took the girls (and Audrey's baby doll) around the neighborhood to deliver some of our sugar cookies from last night and Christmas cards. I want Audrey to understand the idea that it is better to give than to receive. But I don't think she is quite getting the idea yet. After we delivered all the boxes of cookies, she kept whining and asking where her box was.


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