Friday, December 2, 2011

December 2

Today's advent activity: get a Christmas tree!

Our activities were a bit dampened today because both girls have snotty, congested noses. Last night, Audrey just would not sleep. She kept waking up crying and wouldn't settle down because her nose was stuffy. The way she was acting, you would think the girl had never had a stuffy nose before. For some reason, she just could not settle down to sleep and it was a very long night. But then she woke up and she was happy and energetic and ready to play all day long.

Isla slept really well last night, but then she was a mess when she woke up. We ended up taking her to the doctor because she was just inconsolable for several hours this morning. I was worried she had an ear infection, but her ears looked fine. Just a red, irritated throat and a lot of congestion. She was up and down all day, and she has barely eaten anything.

So, despite a sleepless night and a rough day with the baby, we did venture out to get our tree.

Normally it takes me forever to pick out a tree, because I want to find the perfect one. Today, it was cold and the girls weren't too excited about this I picked one out in record time. I was afraid we would get it home, and it would look horrible. But it is looking like it will have a nice shape. I still need to trim it and decorate it (obviously!), and I think it will look pretty good! And it smells great right now! =)Also, we went to a birthday party tonight and got home after bedtime. Again, I was in such a hurry to get Audrey to bed that I forgot to read the advent book with her. Two days in a row now. I'm such a failure.


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