Sunday, December 11, 2011

December 11

Day 11 Advent activity: Audrey's Sunday School Christmas program at church.

This program for the preschool Sunday School classes is a major event at our church! Tons of people come to watch these little ones sing their songs and recite a few things. It's a big deal.

So Audrey loves singing. She loves singing her four "Christmas songs," which is what she calls the songs from her program. She sings them all the time at home and does all the actions. In her Sunday School class, she is one of the best singers. Yes, I'm bragging about her....she is all about the singing.

Until you put her on stage, and then she does this:

She knows "Away in the Manger" so well, it probably took a lot of concentration for her NOT to sing.

Since she didn't sing in her program, we decided to record her singing all of her songs at home instead. I'm going to post them all here for the grandparents (and anyone else who cares!) to watch:

Jesus Came at Christmastime:

Oh Christmas Brings us Joy:

Away in a Manger:

Bells are Ringing:


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