Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 6

Day 6 Advent activity: Go to a pajama and popcorn party at church.We were already planning to attend this preschool family night at church, so it made for an easy activity. The kids were supposed to wear pajamas to the party, and the girls got to wear their new Christmas PJ's!

The girls also received a package in the mail today from Mimi and Papaw. Inside was a Christmas book that plays music...a huge hit with Audrey! She spent some time reading the book and singing to Isla this afternoon, it was really cute.Who is that baby sitting up in these pictures? Surely not my little baby Isla!She sat up by herself for a solid 5 minutes today! She had the boppy pillow around her, so that was maybe providing a little support. But really, she was doing it by herself. I couldn't believe how long she stayed there!However, sitting up was not even Isla's biggest accomplishment today. This morning, she rolled over, from back to tummy, for the very first time all by herself! I didn't even see it. Isla was playing on the floor on her back and talking to herself. Audrey and I were sitting on the couch reading books. I looked down to check on Isla, and she looked like this:It was a big day for Isla...she is growing up so fast!


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