Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1, part one

We started our Advent boxes today.
This year I just set the boxes up on our bookshelf. They are supposed to be hung on ribbon with clothespins, but at 10 pm last night when I started this project, I decided sitting on the shelf would work just as well. Audrey likes them. When she saw them this morning, she said, "Aw, they are so cute!"

For December 1, we made an angel ornament. This craft is from the e-book, The Truth in the Tinsel. It was super easy and took about 2 minutes to make. The craft coordinated with the first page of our advent book that talks about the angel Gabriel coming to visit Mary.The only problem is I forgot to get out the Advent book tonight before bed. Daniel was gone, and I was so eager to get two tired girls fed, bathed and in bed that I totally forgot about the book. It's only Day 1, and I have already messed up the plan!


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