Friday, May 27, 2011

May 27

I think this baby is trying to stress me out before she even gets here!

The good news from today's appointment: my fluid levels were up. They were up to 10 today, which is considered good and normal. Hopefully the levels will stay that way!

The bad news from today's appointment: the baby's belly is measuring small again. I am 36 weeks, 3 days and the baby's belly measured right at 34 weeks. Her legs measurements were normal, and her head measurements were actually big. But the small belly is a cause for concern, because it could indicate that the baby is not getting the nutrients that she needs.

This was a concern about 5 weeks ago, at my 31 week appointment. The baby's measurements were all on track (the head was a little big then too), except for the belly which was 2 weeks behind.

But then at the next appointment (33 weeks) all of the measurements were right on track, including the belly. At that point the doctor was feeling good about the baby's growth and was no longer too concerned.

Now it appears that her growth has slowed down, which again is cause for concern. On Tuesday, I will go see a high risk baby doctor at the hospital, where they will do a Doppler ultrasound to look at the baby's blood flow. I think this will give them a good idea of whether or not there is a problem with the baby getting enough nutrients. If there is a problem, then we may be talking induction/delivery. If they don't see a problem, then hopefully (maybe?) I can just go back to normal life and wait for the baby to come naturally. We'll just have to wait and see! (that's my motto in life right now).

Besides the small belly, this baby has shown no signs of being unhealthy. Her heartrate, movement and diaphragm breathing have been good every time. It is possible that she is just a small baby (like her sister), and that is why the belly measurements are small. The doctors are just being thorough and cautious and checking to make sure everything is okay. I'm grateful for that, but it does kind of stress me out too!

Until Tuesday, I'm on strict bedrest. More sitting here, more waiting and wondering. I'm seriously going to go crazy! And I think Daniel and Audrey might go crazy too! If anyone wants to stop by and say hi this weekend, you are more than welcome. We're going to need some company and a few distractions around here.


Queen of Not A Lot said...

Did you get any books? Can I pick something up for you?

Fran Williams

The Sheltons said...

Fran--thanks for the offer! I have a Nook, so I can get books from the library or the store in just seconds...very handy when you are on bedrest! I just started These is My Words. I've been having trouble focusing on anything, but I"m hoping to be able to concentrate and relax better today and get some reading done!

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