Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17

Piano recital is over...what a relief! I didn't even have to play anything, but these recitals still stress me out. Especially when I am 9 months pregnant and not feeling well! Everyone played really well tonight; I was very pleased with and proud of all my students. Here we all are after the recital!

Audrey was very cute at the recital tonight. First she passed out programs to everyone who came. Then, as we were waiting to start, I asked a couple of the kids "Are you ready, guys?" Audrey heard me, and a few minutes later, she walked up to a couple of students and said, "Are you ready, guys?" Then she went on to tell them about what was going to happen after they played at the recital. "First, we clap. Then have cake! It a big cake, guys, a very big cake." It was pretty adorable.

I did go to the doctor today, and I got my third antibiotic for this sinus infection. I kind of worry about taking all these drugs while pregnant, but the doctor says it's okay. Plus, having an unwell mommy is not really good for the baby either, so I think getting well is the number one priority right now. HOPEFULLY, this one works and I will feel better and STAY BETTER!

While I was at the doctor, my friend Amy watched Audrey for me. She had a little photo shoot with Audrey and Cael, and her pictures turned out great. Such cute pictures of Audrey...you need to go check out her blog right now: www.amysyearinpictures.blogspot.com.


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