Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2

It's been a fun day around here...Daniel and I both got new "toys".

First, I got a new lens for my camera...finally! I have been saving my money forever to get a new lens, but it has been a very slow process. I actually had the money for the lens at one point, but then my computer died and I had to put the money towards a new computer instead.

For those interested, here are the details on the lens. It is a Tamron lens...the 17-50mm, f2.8 For a lens, it is a pretty cheap one and it's not Canon brand. However, it has received tons of good reviews, and I'm hoping it will work well for me.

I haven't really played with it too much, but here is one picture I snapped of Audrey after I opened my package this afternoon. The lighting was not ideal for this shot, but I was able to take the picture. I would not have been able to take this picture at all with the lens I have been using, the 50mm, f 1.8, because Audrey would have been too close to me.
So I am excited about this lens because it does have the option to zoom out, which should give me more flexibility with what I can shoot...especially indoors. And it also has a fixed aperture of f2.8, which means that even when I am zooming, I can open up the aperture quite a bit to allow more light into the shot. That will also give me more flexibility...especially indoors!

And now for Daniel's new toy! I finally let him get an iphone! It is his birthday present from me this year. I think he likes it!


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