Friday, May 13, 2011

May 12

Blogger was not working yesterday, so I couldn't post this last night. And somehow my May 11 post got deleted as well...weird!

OK, here’s the promised 34 week picture! I’m now 34 weeks and 2 days, to be exact! I think I’m looking just about the same as last time right now. Even though I’m not too huge at this point, I am feeling very uncomfortable. Everything just feels like it is being pushed and pulled and stretched in every direction. I don’t remember being so uncomfortable all the time while pregnant with Audrey, but I guess then I didn’t have to take care of a 2 year old all day long!

I go back and forth between freaking out about the end (beginning?) being so near and being really excited. Right now, I have a huge to do list that I would really like to complete before this baby is born. Before Audrey was born, we also had a to do list (and way more free time!). My water broke just as we were crossing the last thing off of our list…Daniel was on his way to Goodwill to drop off a few bags of clothes we had just cleaned out when I called him to say it was time. I’m kind of hoping this baby will be just as cooperative and wait until our to do list is complete before she makes an appearance!

One last picture…Audrey and I were both wearing blue skirts today (I always seem to coordinate our clothes without consciously doing it). I thought we should get our picture taken. And Audrey was happy to show off her belly, just like Mommy!!


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