Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 24

36 weeks now...a full nine months!

I really don't look 9 months pregnant. At first it was flattering when everyone would comment on how small I looked. Now it just makes me nervous! When I was 36 weeks with Audrey, I was just about measuring normal and my doctor wasn't worried about being too small anymore. She seems to be a little more concerned this time around, which makes me a little more concerned as well.

I have my sonogram and doctor's appointment in the morning. Most likely, everything is fine, and it will be fun to get another look at our healthy, growing baby. But there is still that little chance that something is wrong. At least, I'm far enough along now that if something really horrible was wrong, the baby is developed enough to be safely delivered.

I'm also a little nervous because the reality of all this is hitting me. No matter what--whether it is tomorrow or 4 weeks from now--this baby is coming! My to do list is growing much shorter. Next up is to pack our bags and get the car seat cleaned and installed. Then pretty much all of the major tasks will be done, and we will just be sitting around waiting for baby!


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