Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30

Daniel has always wanted to get a seat for his bike, so he could take Audrey for rides. So he got one and installed it this morning. Then he took Audrey for a ride. Audrey was really excited about her helmet and about riding a bicycle. Until they actually starting riding, and then she wasn't so sure. She did not like the bumps, and Daniel said she whimpered and whined for most of their ride. But then when they were done, she starting whimpering and whining about how she wanted to go back on the bicycle and go for another ride. So who knows if she liked it or not??

Daniel decided he didn't really like the seat and the way it fit on his bike either. He wasn't sure it was worth the money, especially since Audrey wasn't a huge fan. So he ended up taking it back to the store tonight. At least it kept them occupied for the morning.

I have been on edge this afternoon/evening. This bedrest stuff is driving me insane. I really feel for people who have to do this for months, because five days is enough to send me over the edge! It is such a frustrating feeling to lay here and not be able to do anything. I feel guilty and lazy, though I know I shouldn't. And I don't think any woman at the end of her pregnancy should be given so much free time to sit and think and worry and wonder.

Today, I was worried for a while because I hadn't felt the baby moving much. She just seemed less active today than normal, though I am still feeling her move. I'm pretty sure I am just being paranoid simply because I have time to sit here and think about it. I also have time to sit here and think about labor and delivery and all that could go wrong. And time to think about all the possible things we could hear from the doctor tomorrow. And time to think about how stressful life is going to be with a newborn and a 2 1/2 year old. Too much time! Too much thinking!

Therefore, I am now going to stop thinking completely and devote myself to some completely mindless, trashy television: The Bachelorette.


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