Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 4

We finally got back to some letter of the week activities tonight. I think we did "E" way back at the end of March. Then I was sick for like 3 weeks, and then we had our garage sale. But now, life is somewhat calmer, and we jumped back in with the letter F.

We made a letter F craft tonight, decorated with flower stamps and flower stickers. And then we planted some flowers. I got these little pots at the dollar spot at Target. Most likely flowers won't even grow in them...but we had fun mixing up the dirt and putting the seeds in tonight.

I think it's time to record a few more funny things that Audrey has been saying and doing lately! One of these days, I'm going to gather these all up together one place...
  • Me: "Audrey do you want peanut butter and jelly or chicken nuggets for lunch?" Audrey: "More choices."
  • Me: "Audrey, do you like Mommy?" Audrey: "No, I like poop."
  • Today, I was circling around the library parking garage multiple times trying to find a parking spot. And I was getting a little frustrated. Until Audrey said, "It's okay, Mommy. Stay happy."
  • I found Audrey climbing up on the toilet the other day and sitting on the lid. I asked what she was doing, and she replied, "I sitting on a pretty rainbow." I had to have her repeat it three times to make sure that is what she said, but I think that's what she really said...I have no idea where she came up with that!
  • She is starting to play "pretend" games more and more. This morning while I was getting ready, she said, "Bye-bye Mommy. Gotta go to the clubhouse (as in the Mickey Mouse clubhouse). See you later." And she walked out and shut the bedroom door. Then she repeated this game over and over, substituting different places each time (church, mall park, Nana's house, etc.).
  • Audrey has been really interested in stoplights lately. She knows that green means "go" and red means "stop". The other day, she noticed a yellow light and asked what it means. I told her it means to "slow down". She said, "Slow down. Be careful. Mommy says that." I guess I tell her to slow down and be careful a lot!
  • Audrey loves to know the order of what we are going to do. We just have to tell her once or twice what we are doing first and then second and so on. She loves to repeat the order over and over again! For example, here she is telling our "plan" for the night:

She is always distracted by the camera, so she never says things as clearly when the camera is on. Here's a translation: "First make craft. First listen bells. Then ice cream." She normally will add "do ALL these things" at the end, but she didn't this time. And that is what we did tonight: we made our flower craft, then went to listen to Daddy and the handbell choir play at the nursing home, and then we went to Dairy Queen for ice cream.


Janna, Brennan, Lyndlee and Gavin said...

Audrey is so precious and she is talking so well :)
Hope you are feeling good friend, praying for you guys!

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