Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16

Ugh, no picture again. I have a feeling those words may become quite common on this blog over the next few weeks. I am going to try to do better.

Our living room remodel is just about complete, so I will be posting "after" pictures soon.

I am also almost finished with some decorating projects in the girls' again, more pictures to come soon.

Tomorrow night, I have a piano recital with my I will probably have a picture to share from that as well.

So there are some pictures to come in the near future. And once the baby gets here, I will hopefully have more motivation to post pictures daily!

In the meantime, I am going back to the doctor tomorrow morning. The congestion that started last week is getting worse. I thought I was managing fairly well with the daily sinus rinse, and the congestion seemed bearable at least. But today I woke up feeling much worse with a lot more pain and pressure in my head and face. I haven't quite reached the point where I am unable to function, but I am quickly getting to that point. Like maybe in the next 5 minutes.

So tomorrow, I am hoping the doctor can help figure out something that will make feel better and stay better. Because seriously, going into labor and pushing a baby out of my body and taking care of a newborn (and a 2 year old) is pretty difficult on its own. I really don't think I can handle all of those things on top of the misery of a sinus infection. Actually, I know I can't handle all of that. Really, I can't. So, here's hoping for some answers tomorrow!


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