Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 29

One more day and then...well, I don't know what will happen then. But we should at least know more then than we do now.

Today was a better day. I didn't feel as bad as I did yesterday, and I was not so restless.

I found a super cute and fun birthday party idea for Audrey's 3rd birthday. So I started to research some ideas for a Rainbow Paint is going to be lots of fun, even though it is still about 5 months away!

I did a little typing work for my dad., which made me feel like I was using my time wisely and being more productive.

And I finally forced myself to read. Once I made myself focus on the book, I realized it's a really good book (These is My Words by Nancy Turner). I'm enjoying it! I got about halfway through it today. I think my goal for tomorrow will be to finish it.

Thanks to Lindsey for helping with Audrey at church this morning. And thanks to Braden and Angela for stopping by was nice to have some company! I am really grateful for all of our friends here and their willingness to help us out!


Julie Davison said...

Just catching up on your blog from being gone. Hang in there!! I will be thinking of you and praying that everything goes well at your appointment tomorrow!

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