Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 21

Grr...Audrey and I are at my mom's in Iowa for a few days. And I forgot to bring my camera with me. I think my brother is going to let me borrow his tomorrow though, so I should have a few pictures to post. I really need to get some pictures of my nephew Josiah, because he is adorable. And Audrey is being so sweet and cute with him this time!

This morning I had an OB appointment. I'm going every 2 weeks for appointments now. The doctor was a bit concerned because I was measuring small, so she had me go in for a sonogram. The sonogram showed the baby was measuring on the small side as well. Baby's belly measured at 29 weeks, when it should have been showing 31 weeks. The dr. wasn't too overly worried about that, but she is concerned enough that she wants me to have another sonogram in 2 weeks to make sure the baby is growing.

I'm not too worried about any of this right now...I'm mostly just excited to have the extra sonograms!! It's always fun and reassuring to get extra looks at the baby. I was small with Audrey, and Audrey was a small baby. The Dr. said that this baby is on track to weigh between 6-7 lbs. at birth, just like Audrey who was small but perfectly healthy. And a small, healthy baby is just fine with me! =)


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