Saturday, April 9, 2011

April 7-9

I try to keep things real on this blog. When writing a blog like this, it is easy to make everything sound happy and wonderful all the time, like life is absolutely perfect 100% of the time. Blogs like that drive me crazy, so I try to avoid painting a picture of perfection around here.

But at the same time I don't want to be whiny and annoying all the time either. Nobody wants to read all my complaining, I'm sure! Plus, I figure that whatever I am complaining about, there are so many people out there dealing with things that are much worse than my little what right do I have to complain anyway? I try to find a balance between being upbeat and positive and still being real and honest.

I write all of this to warn you: today's post is going to be on the whiny side. You can stop reading now if you don't want to hear any more complaints from me!

Thursday morning, I woke feeling worse. SO MUCH pain and pressure in my head, cheeks, eyes and even teeth! I was pretty sure it was a sinus infection, so I headed to the doctor's office. Sure enough, she confirmed my suspicions and prescribed Amoxicillin, saying I should start feeling better in about 48 hours.

Meanwhile, Audrey woke up Thursday morning crying and saying that her ears hurt. So, Daniel took her to the pediatrician (or the doctor's house as Audrey calls it), and she confirmed our suspicions: a bad ear infection in both ears. So Audrey got some Amoxicillin too, only hers was bubble gum flavored (and she loves it, more to come on that later).

And meanwhile, Daniel woke up Thursday morning feeling bad, with the same symptoms of the cold that Audrey and I had which started all these infections for us.

Let me just pause to say--it's never fun being sick. But it is even worse being sick and being a parent. And even worse--being sick and being a parent and having a sick kid. And even worse than that--both parents being sick and having a sick kid. Not. fun. at. all.

So, now it's Saturday...we're at the 48 hour mark for the Amoxicillin. I woke up today feeling slightly better than the past few days, though still pretty rough. The horrible pain in my head, cheeks, eyes and teeth is only on one side of my head now. I have regained a little bit of my sense of taste and smell. Sleep and I have not been friends for a while now...the sinus infection has definitely not helped me in the sleep department as it seems to hurt more when I lay down. I used to think people overexaggerated the misery of a sinus infection...but now I know that they were not lying. It is horrible, and there's just not much I can do to find relief. I know there are over the counter medicines out there that could help me feel better. But being pregnant, I can't take any of them. So I'm just waiting for that antibiotic to do it's job...and hoping that it will actually work!

As far as Audrey goes...she has never acted like she felt super sick. But she has been much more irritable and grumpy this week. Lots of meltdowns and temper tantrums...makes me think she is still not 100% . She does really, really like her medicine though. We've had this conversation many times this week:

Audrey--My tummy hurts.
Us--Your tummy hurts?
Audrey--Yes. What make it feel better?
Us--I don't know...what do you think will make it feel better?
Audrey--Medicine make it feel better.

I'm pretty sure her tummy does not hurt...she is just trying all sorts of ways to get us to give her more medicine!

Daniel has been the trooper of the week. Even though he's not feeling well, he's been taking care of us and feeding us and keeping things together around here. I'm hoping in another day or two, life will return to normal around here. There is so much on my to do list right now. I feel like I have just wasted a week of my life, lying around and feeling miserable.


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