Friday, April 29, 2011

April 29

Garage Sale Day 1 is over. I meant to take a picture of our whole set up, but I didn't ever get my camera out.

Our sale was scheduled from 3-8 pm today. We started setting up at noon, because I wanted to be all set up before all the "early birds" arrived. But that plan didn't quite work...since the early birds began to arrive as soon as we carried the first box outside! Seriously, it was like vultures coming down on us and digging through all of our stuff, while I was trying to get it all out as quickly as possible. So our sale ended up running from 12-8 instead of 3-8...needless to say, I am very tired right now.

And now for what you have all been waiting for...the grand total! Drumroll's grand total was...$382.25. WOW!! I have had a garage sale every year for the past 5-6 years, and normally I make between $50-$150 at each sale. So already today, we have made more than almost all of our other garage sales combined. That is way exciting, and it makes all the hard work to get ready for this sale seem worth it!

We're going to open back up in the morning for Day 2. I'm thinking I might need to search my house again for some more things to sell. Because we got rid of so much today, our sale is starting to look kind of lame. We were getting a lot of "drive-bys" tonight. I also need to find a way to get people here who are looking for baby girl clothes.

This post is getting kind of long, but I have to add a few notes about Audrey and the garage sale today:
  • This morning, Daniel was trying to teach Audrey how she could help sell things. He said, "Say, 'wanna buy?' and then put your shoulders up like this." He then demonstrated how to raise her shoulders and put up her hands. So then it was Audrey's turn to try it out. She said, "Wanna buy? Put your shoulders up like this." Rather than copying his action, she repeated his words...and you just have to believe me that it was hilarious.
  • Even though she didn't quite get the shoulder action down, she did remember "wanna buy". As soon as the first person walked up to our sale, Audrey asked them "wanna buy?" and then she kept asking everyone who came!
  • Soon Audrey got the idea that people were giving us money for stuff. She loved being able to take people's money and give them change back. She tried to give everyone change back, even when they didn't need change.
  • As the day progressed, she started to ask everyone who came up, "Have money? Buy something?" which was kind of cute at first, but that got old pretty quickly. Especially when they would leave empty handed, and she would call out after them, "Have money? Buy something?" in an exceptionally whiny voice!


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