Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 13

Today, I tried to have a photo shoot with Audrey in her Easter dress. I always like to take some pictures of her Easter dress ahead of time, so we don't have to worry about it on Easter Sunday. And I always send out an Easter card to our families (well I've done it for the last two years, all of Audrey's life), so I like to have pictures done in time to get a card sent out.

I've decided that it just never works very well when I try to get good quality pictures of Audrey. I can take pictures of other people's kids and they turn out well. I have lots of patience with them, and the kids are usually cooperative.

But when I try to do a photo shoot with Audrey, my patience disappears...and she refuses to cooperate. And we end up with a lot of pictures like this one!
Now, I think that picture is kind of fun and cute. But it's not really what I want to put on our Easter cards!

This next picture is the only one that I was semi-pleased with from today's it is what ended up on the Easter cards.
One of these days, I might just have to bite the bullet and pay for someone else to take Audrey's picture. It seems silly when I have the equipment and knowledge to take them myself, but the end results are always frustrating to me.


Kristina said...

Love the first picture--gotta love those pouty faces!

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