Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18

It feels like warm spring weather is never going to be here to stay. Every once in a while we have a nice day, but there seem to be a lot of chilly, cloudy, rainy days in the upcoming forecast.

Tonight, we pretended like it was a nice spring evening and spent some time outside...even though it was chilly and about ready to rain!

Daniel grilled steaks for dinner.

Audrey played in the mud...again! (I'm still way impressed that she is willing to get her hands dirty. Tonight she picked up handfuls of dirt and carried them around, then threw it through the holes in the lattice work. She kept laughing and looking at her hands, saying "I get muddy!")

I took advantage of the outdoor light and took lots of pictures. Here are a few:


Julie Davison said...

way cute! Great photos!

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