Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1

Everyone always talks about the "terrible twos". I can somewhat understand how that label came to be...Audrey definitely has her "terrible" moments. But I really think this is my favorite age so far. She is just so hilarious. She says the funniest things in the funniest ways. She is very emphatic with her speaking, often over enunciating words in a way that is just adorable. I am amazed at how large her vocabulary has become and how quickly she picks up on new words and ideas. It's still hard to understand her sometimes, but I feel like I can make out what she is saying a majority of the time.

She is talking in sentences most all of the time. Her sentence structure is still kind of funky sometimes, but you can really have a conversation with her now...and it's so fun! There is no way that I can record all of the cute things that she says and does, but here are a few that have made me smile lately.
  • When something hurts her, she sometimes says: "Ow, that very hurt!" (She hasn't said this one in a while, but it was hilarious when she was saying it!)
  • When she fell on her bottom while wearing her new big girl panties, she would say: "Ow, that hurt my panties" and occasionally, "Ow, that very hurt my panties."
  • Me: "Audrey, where does Daddy work?" Audrey: "Daddy go work at church." Me: "What does Daddy do at work?" Audrey: "Daddy sing songs." (this makes us laugh because a lot of people think that all Daniel does is lead the songs on Sunday, and they wonder what he does at work all week).
  • She has really enjoyed reading one of her children's Bibles lately. I asked her what she learned about in her Bible. She said, "Jesus. Jesus made my Bible."
  • As we were going upstairs to get dressed one day: "I go play my toys my bedroom. That sound like fun Mommy?" (I have no idea where she learned "bedroom"...I'm pretty sure that we usually just call it her room).
  • One (early) morning, I let Audrey lay in bed with me and watch TV because I wasn't quite ready to wake up yet. I flipped it to the Disney channel and Audrey said: "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! That a good show! It make Maggie happy."
  • She is starting to come up with nicknames for people. She calls Pete on Mickey Mouse "Petey" and she calls Goofy "Goof". She has also started calling her stuffed elephant "Elphie".
  • She is finally starting to sing songs! She has been able to sing "doo, doo, doo" to the melody of several songs for a while now. And she would sing the first line of many songs with words, but I hadn't been able to get her to sing whole songs. Just in the past few days she has really enjoyed singing, though she doesn't like to sing by herself. As long as someone else is singing with her, these have been some of her favorites to sing: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Happy Birthday, It's a Small World, and The Wheels on the Bus.
  • She also sometimes makes up her own songs...which is even more adorable!

One of these days I need to get the video camera out and try to record all this cuteness!


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