Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 27

Here we go again with yet another belly picture...32 weeks now! According to the little ticker at the bottom of this blog, I have 55 days to go until my due date. I was looking at the dates today--I will be 37 weeks on May 31 and 42 weeks on July 5. So basically, I am blocking off the entire month of June as a possible due date for the baby. I'm still holding out hope that she will come early, but only time will tell!

While I'm still feeling confident that all is well and the baby is fine, every once in a while a little bit of worry creeps in after my doctor's appointment last week. Looking at this picture compared to two weeks ago, I think it looks like I am getting bigger...I that's a good sign. But it could just be what I'm wearing's really silly to try to over-analyze these pictures!

I'm definitely looking forward to the sonogram next Friday...both for the reassurance that everything is OK and the chance to get a peek at the baby again!


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