Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 14

Tonight, Audrey and I went to a Jim Gill concert with the Lanters. I am not very familiar with the world of children's music, but I guess Jim Gill is a pretty big name among preschool teachers and parents and preschool kids. His songs were fun, and all the kids seemed to love it.

Tonight's concert was sponsored by our local community college. It was free, and they also provided free popcorn and drinks and some activities for the kids. It was a good deal!

Audrey and I talked about the concert all day long. She had no idea what a concert was, but she was really excited about it! When we got there, she kept pointing to random things, saying "is that concert?" Once it started, she was a bit apprehensive of all the noise and craziness going on around here (we were all seated on the floor in a big room...probably about 100 kids and their parents, all singing and dancing). But she eventually warmed up to the concert and started dancing and doing some actions to the songs. I think she liked it.

Here she is with Jim Gill himself (this was during her apprehensive mood!).
Here she is after she started to warm up a little bit...dancing with Elliot and Lindsey.

After the concert, we all went to get ice cream at Centrum Cafe. Yummy!


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