Friday, April 15, 2011

April 15

I spent some time today pricing and organizing more items for our upcoming garage sale.
So far, these are the baby clothes I am planning to put in the sale. Everyone assumes that since we are having another girl, we will keep all of our girl clothes. But our girls are going to be opposite in seasons for a while, so a lot of this stuff would probably never get worn by the new baby. And I KNOW the new baby will get new clothes of her own, so there's no reason to keep all of this old stuff, even if it was really cute when Audrey wore it. (Plus I am still keeping 4 tubs packed full of girls' clothes!).

I went through about 250 pricing stickers on these clothes, and I'm feeling pretty good about all that I was able to clean out and pass on to someone else. I love the feeling of getting unused stuff out of our house!

Here's the ironic thing about today. After pricing stuff for my garage sale and getting ready to purge all these old clothes, I then went out to other garage sales to do some shopping. And I came home with all these new clothes!! I didn't count the total number, but I'm thinking there are at least 3o pieces here. So much for clearing out extra space in our house!! =)
Now I'm pretty picky when it comes to buying clothes at garage sales. I have three criteria:

1. My goal is to find clothes priced 25-50 cents per piece, though I will sometimes pay $1-2 for pajamas or dresses or nicer outfits.

2. Even though I am paying next to nothing for them, I will only buy clothes that appear to be in nearly perfect signs of wear or stains or fading.

3. The clothes must be cute! (I sometimes make an exception for pajamas, because i hate to pay full price for pajamas, and will occasionally buy cheap pajamas that are in good condition but not all that cute!).

It can be hard to find clothes that meet all of those standards. Last year, I barely bought anything throughout the whole garage sale season. Then today, I went to only three garage sales and found all of this! And I wanted to buy more, but I thought this was probably enough for now! This one lady had all baby girl clothes, size 12 months and under...and I'm pretty sure her baby never actually wore the clothes. They all looked brand new! It was pretty exciting.

It seems a bit counterproductive to go buy a bunch of new clothes while decluttering our closets. But, all of these new clothes should be the right size for the right season, and as long as we are using the clothes, I don't mind having them in my house. Once we're done with them, they will go into next year's garage sale pile.


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