Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 9

No picture today, just a potty update! Sorry if this bores you to death, but it helps me to write all of this stuff down.

Day #2 was definitely more successful than yesterday. Trips to the potty: around 25 (I lost count!). Successful trips to the potty: 9. (Wow!!) Accidents: 3.

This morning she figured out how to make her pee go in the potty--it was very exciting for both of us! And once she figured it out, she was eager to go again and again. She would even tell me when the pee was ready to come out, and the she would "hurry, hurry, hurry" to go to the bathroom and put her pee in the potty. Nine times she was successful!! Her pull up was also dry when she woke up from her nap this afternoon, which surprised me (yesterday it was very full). Seriously, a very successful day...way more than I expected on Day 2.

Now, there are still a few problems to be solved, not to mention the possibility that we will wake up tomorrow and she will forget everything she learned today.

Problem #1: She doesn't pee very much at a time. Sometimes she went more than other times, but she is definitely not emptying her bladder when she goes. And therefore 10-15 minutes later (or less), she needs to go again.

Problem #2: When she sits on the potty and pee does not come out, she gets very upset. She was not willing to sit and try for more than a couple of seconds today. We ended up just hanging out in the bathroom a lot, so she would be close to the potty when she felt the need to go. But we can't spend ALL of our time in the bathroom.

Problem #3: She has not pooped since we started potty training. It's not that unusual for her to go a couple of days without pooping, but it makes me a little nervous. I'm not sure if she is going to be patient enough to sit on the potty long enough to push her poop out. (remember, I warned you about all the "p" words that I would be using this week!!).

Tonight, we went to church, and Audrey wore her special princess panties (aka...a pull up!). We were getting ready to leave (always a stressful process). I had her dressed with her coat and shoes on, ready to walk out the door, when she said, "Mommy, pee-pee now!" And that right there is the reason why I was so reluctant to potty train. Selfishly, I just don't want to deal with taking her to the bathroom when we are busy or out in public or on a schedule. But, despite my reluctance, I am potty training her and I'm not turning back now. So tonight, even though I was in a hurry, I took her to the potty (coat and all)...and she went pee on the potty, just like she said she would!

At church, her pull-up was a little wet when I picked her up from the nursery. But I did take her to the bathroom before we left church, and she peed in the potty there too. That was a good way to end our day.

Even though it has been a successful day, I have been way more stressed out today. By tonight, I was (am!!) exhausted and my patience was (is!!!) gone. But tomorrow is a brand new day. Hopefully, I will get a new dose of energy and patience and be ready to face it. I'm planning to have her wear her big girl panties to Sprouts for the morning...should be interesting!


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