Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 20

It was a beautiful day today! I really love the warmer weather...too bad it is going to be back down in the 30's this weekend. =(

I think Audrey enjoys the warm weather too as she has been asking to play outside all the time. We spent some time outside this afternoon playing with her animals. She loves to line up all her animals on the steps outside. Daniel's parents gave Audrey these animals, first a few to take on our trip to Florida and then more as a potty training reward last week. Audrey loves them so much! She insisted that I take pictures of all her animals outside this afternoon. So I figured I would introduce a few of them to you (but don't worry, I won't bore you with all of them).

This is Rabbit. Rabbit says "hippety hop, hippety hop, hippety hop", while Audrey bounces her up and down on the ground.
This is Bambi, aka Moose. Audrey saw a commercial for the Bambi movie and then a display at Wal-mart, and now she loves Bambi. I tried to explain to her that Bambi is a deer not a moose. But she insisted, "No, Bambi a moose. A little moose."
This is Kangaroo. Kangaroo says "jump, jump, jump" while Audrey bounces her up and down on the ground. Notice the distinction between Rabbit's "hippety hop" and Kangaroo's "jump". Audrey is very insistent that Rabbit cannot "jump" and Kangaroo cannot "hippety hop".
This is Giraffe. Giraffe was lost for a few hours one day, and it was a major tragedy. Fortunately, we found her and have kept good track of her ever since!


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