Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11

This is how Audrey has been running around the house lately. Wearing only a shirt, big girl panties, and one sock. For some reason, she has decided that she likes to have one sock on and one sock off. She's also been wearing three necklaces with this outfit, but she didn't want to pose for me with the necklaces tonight.

I don't feel like we have had to do much potty training today. Audrey seems to be "getting" the idea. I've tried to force her to go sit on the potty a few times, and that is just not working well. She doesn't want to sit if she doesn't have to go, which is understandable. Since she has been doing a really good job of telling us when she needs to go, we have been giving her some more freedom today and letting her dictate when she goes to the bathroom.

We've probably had about 8-9 successful potty trips and only 1 accident! The accident happened when I was making a grocery list and she was happily playing by herself. She was running in and out of the bathroom, closing the door and then coming back out to say hi to me. I heard her get quiet for a second, and then I heard, "Mommy, my panties!" When I went in to see what had happened, her panties were the back. Normally, when she has an accident, they are wet in the front. Then I looked in her potty, and there was some pee in it! So I think what happened is she sat down on the potty to go pee without taking her panties off! So I have to give her credit for trying to go to the bathroom by herself. We just need to work with her on getting her panties off first!

Poop is still going to be hard to figure out I think. Today, Daniel caught her just starting to go poop, and he rushed her to the bathroom to finish on the potty. But she wasn't too happy about going poop on the potty. She just doesn't poop that often, so we aren't getting much practice there. I'm sure she will eventually get the idea though.

I don't think she is necessarily "trained"...I am sure there are plenty more accidents awaiting us in the future. But she is getting the idea much quicker than I ever expected. Maybe tomorrow I will write a post that is NOT about potty training!


Julie Davison said...

I'm impressed and inspired by how the week has gone! I think I need to be a little more aggressive with training Elise.

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