Friday, March 18, 2011

March 18

We hung out with the Millers tonight. Audrey really loves that family a lot! Tonight, Amy kept hiding toys in Audrey's shirt, which Audrey found very funny. We joked that she looked like Mommy with her big tummy, but I don't think my tummy is sticking out quite that far yet (and I'm hoping it never will!).

Potty update:

The good news: No pee accidents today. And she has been dry the past two mornings when she woke up, and that has never happened in her whole life. So, she is quickly getting the hang of this idea of peeing in the potty and not in her panties or pull ups...even while sleeping! Though I'm thinking she will still wear a pull up to sleep for a while, as I am in no hurry to be cleaning her sheets all the time!

The bad news: Two poop accidents today. To her credit, I think she knew she needed to poop. Twice, she told us that she needed to poop. And she attempted to go on the potty. But she was just not patient enough to wait for it. I know that it is completely normal for kids to catch on quickly to pee and then have trouble with poop...but, it is still frustrating to me. I feel like she is so close to getting it...but she's just not quite getting it all yet. I know I just need to be patient and keep working with her. In time, she will get it. But my patience was running low this morning. Fortunately, I got to escape and go out with the girls to Incredibly Delicious this afternoon...which was a much needed escape!


Cindyb said...

Oh, how I miss Incredibly Delicious! I wish they would move to the Indy area.

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