Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 17

We had a good morning at Sprouts! Audrey was in a good mood. She was even willing to share toys with the other kids...on her own initiative! Rather than screaming "no mine!" when a little girl came up to play with the Mickey Mouse toys (Audrey usually lays claim to them pretty early in the morning), Audrey said, "Here you go" and gave her Goofy. She kept Mickey and Minnie for herself, so it wasn't a total sacrifice...but I was still happy that she initiated the sharing. It might be a first for her. =)
Audrey and Elliot were having lots of fun wearing these hats. It was also Green Day, so lots of kids were dressed in we made green crafts and listened to a story about green frogs and ate green snacks! Audrey is getting the routine of Sprouts down really well. She loves to talk about what we are going to do at Sprouts. With a little prompting, she says, "First, playtime. Then clean up time. Then story time. Then (and this is where she gets most excited) SNACK TIME!"
It was also a beautiful day today, so we tried to go outside and play several times. I think Audrey was happy to be reunited with her slide. I thought she might be getting too big for it, but she was pretty excited to play on it this afternoon. Then this evening we went for a walk. When we got back home, we played in the driveway with sidewalk chalk until it was too dark to see anything. Why can't temps be in the 70s every day? I am pretty sure I would be happier and more productive if every day was as nice as today.

Today's potty update: much better than yesterday! No accidents! Audrey is not as interested in going potty anymore as she was those first few days. I think the novelty has worn off! Today I had to drag her away from whatever she was doing to get her to go, but she still went in the potty and stayed dry all day.


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