Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15

Audrey had one accident tonight, which was frustrating because she had been doing so good! It was right around dinner time. I was busy getting ready for a Stampin Up class, and Daniel was busy dealing with dinner. So maybe we missed the signs that she needed to go. She didn't do as good at telling us when she had to go today, but she also didn't drink very much today. Maybe she just didn't need to go very much! No poop again today, so we're still going to have to be patient with that.

This is the only picture that I took today. We are doing a "green" theme at Sprouts on Thursday for St. Patrick's Day. So I've been trying to post a picture of something green on our Facebook page each day. These are the cupcakes Daniel and Audrey made tonight while I was teaching my class...pretty impressive! The church staff is providing food/serving lunch to the Seniors at our church tomorrow, so this is Daniel's contribution.


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