Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16

For "D" week, we had a fun dinosaur-themed morning. First we made this lovely dinosaur out of the letter D. (Kind of looks more like a turtle with spikes to me, but Audrey thinks it's a dinosaur, so that's what counts). Then we went to the library, where we did some dinosaur puzzles and saw pictures of dinosaurs hanging on the walls. And we checked out some dinosaur books and an Elmo dinosaur movie!

Now for the potty training update. (I'll put these at the end of my posts now, so you don't have to read them if you don't want to. Since this is a blog about my daily life and potty training is a big part of daily life right now, I just have to write about it...but I don't expect you to read every little detail!).

Today was kind of rough, at least the morning was rough. I purposely gave Audrey more to drink today. Yesterday, she didn't drink much at all in the morning, but I was still trying to make her go potty. And she was getting frustrated because she didn't really need to go potty. So today, I wanted to make sure that she had plenty of pee to work with.

I also wanted to test her a little. Would she tell me she needed to go on her own initiative? And would she do it even when we were not at home? The answer was: sometimes.

A couple of times throughout the morning, she told me "Mommy, pee coming out now!" Every time she says that, it gives me a little heart attack because I expect to find her soaking wet. But she doesn't literally mean the pee is coming out right now. She just means that she needs to go pee now. But it still scares me every time.

So she successfully went to the bathroom on her own initiative (though I still reminded her and asked if she needed to go all day) at home, at the library and at church! I wasn't even standing near her at the library. She was doing puzzles by herself and I was looking at books on the other side of the room. And I heard her yell (it seemed incredibly loud in the quiet library): "Mommy, pee coming out now!" A little embarrassing, but we made it to the bathroom, so I was quite happy!

She had one accident at home and two accidents while we were at church for lunch. One accident at church was while she was eating a cupcake. I'm pretty sure she knew she needed to go, she just didn't want to stop eating her cupcake! The second accident at church was poop. I left her alone for literally one minute, while I put a few craft supplies away. And when I came back, she had pooped in her pants. I'm pretty sure she waited until I was out of the room to poop...which at least means that she has control over when/where she poops! We just need her to do it at the right time in the potty!

The rest of the day was more accidents. She made it all the way through the nursery tonight and kept her panties dry without me around to remind her. So, I'm glad the day ended on a better note.

It was a frustrating morning because it felt like we were moving backwards not forwards. But I expect days like this to happen. I was probably asking for it by giving her extra drinks AND letting her dictate when she went to the bathroom. The accidents, while annoying, are all part of the learning process. And I do think she is getting the hang of this potty training stuff pretty well. I just need an extra dose of patience for the next couple of weeks, because it stresses me out!


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