Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22

Elliot came over to play with us this morning. It would be fun if Audrey and Elliot grew up and got married someday. They are only 2, and yet I already have enough pictures of the two of them together to make a slideshow of their relationship!

We are on the letter "E" this week, so I thought I would include Elliot in some of our activities. We had an "egg" themed morning.

First we decorated an Easter Egg coloring page with Do-a-Dot markers (Audrey loves to use these!) and foam stickers. Then we had a little Easter Egg hunt in the basement.

Then we made nests (out of coffee filters and shredded paper) to hold some of the eggs.
Then we watched Green Eggs and Ham (basically just a narration of the book on DVD). And for a snack, we had green eggs...and raisins. I didn't have any ham! Plus, I wasn't sure the kids would be a big fan of the green eggs, but I knew they would eat the raisins. But they actually loved the green eggs...both of them cleaned their plate!


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