Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 13

Here's a picture of a happy little girl who had NO ACCIDENTS today! And we even spent most of the day out of the house! She wore her big girl panties all day--to church, out to lunch and then back to church again tonight. And she went in the potty at church and at lunch and then at church again tonight. Very exciting!!

Still no poop today though. I'm getting a little nervous. The last time she pooped was Friday night. It's not that unusual for her to go a couple of days without pooping, but I'm worried that she is holding it in so she doesn't have to go on the potty. I might just be paranoid though, so I'm trying not to worry about it until we know it's a problem. My hope for tomorrow is just that she poops somewhere--in the potty, in her pull up, in her panties, on the floor...I don't really care at this point! I'd much rather deal with cleaning up a mess than deal with her being constipated!

Moving on from all the poop talk...Audrey and Daddy had fun posing for some pictures tonight before bedtime. Audrey has been SO happy and hyper lately. I think going without diapers has been freeing for her...she just seems to love life right now!

Here, they are making serious faces:

I had to include one of her picking her nose, as it is pretty much her favorite pastime right now:


Tara Kieninger said...

Happy for you that the potty training is going so well. And don't stress about the nose picking - it's such a common kid thing.

Julie Davison said...

Hooray!! No accidents!! Congratulations!! I'm sure she'll get into a rhythm with the pooping, too!

Janna, Brennan, Lyndlee and Gavin said...

Wow, great job Audrey :)

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