Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8

We survived Day 1 of potty training! And look at all the stickers on Audrey's potty chart!! They represent each time that Audrey sat on the potty and tried to go. I decided that would be the best way to motivate her to get started.

The stickers really worked well for getting her to sit on the potty. She was really excited every time that she got to put one up. While she was sitting, we would look at all the stickers and count them and name the characters and make up songs about them. I was super impressed with how willing she was to sit on the potty (happily) for a large portion of the day today.

Now as far as going to the bathroom on the potty--that's a different story. We had one minor success--just a few drops of pee--but I consider that to be good enough for day 1. However, right after she put that little bit of pee in the potty, she walked out into the hall and peed all over the floor, which was a little frustrating since she had been so close. She did tell me every time she started to pee. "Pee come out now!" she would say. But every time it was just a little too late to make it to the bathroom!

As the day went on, I kept track of all our potty training "stats" (I'm a dork I know, but it makes it a little more fun for me!). Today's stats are as follows--Potty attempts: 27. Successful attempts: 1. Accidents: 5.

That's about what I expected from the first day or two. Now if these are still our stats on Friday, I think I will be getting frustrated. But Day 1 was not as bad as I thought it was going to be, which is helping me to have a positive attitude about Day 2 tomorrow!


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