Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21

We are trying to enjoy this warm weather while it lasts! Tonight, I took Audrey for a walk in her big stroller. While we were on our walk, we saw a little girl about Audrey's age who was pushing her baby doll in a little stroller. When Audrey saw that girl, she wanted to turn around and go back home and get her own stroller and baby. So we went back home and then finished our walk with Audrey's baby in tow!Potty update: Audrey pooped in the potty again tonight! She was in the bathtub, and she was crossing her legs and looking uncomfortable. I thought she had to pee, so I asked if she needed to go potty, and she said yes. I was totally surprised when she pooped! Then after getting back in the bathtub, she started to get that same look a few minutes later. Again, she said she needed to go potty. And again, she pooped a little more! It was a very exciting night around here!

At some point during this potty training process, we promised Audrey a special treat if she went poop in the potty. And at some point, that special treat became two "brown" cookies (that's what Audrey calls them, they are actually Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies). Here she is with her cookies after bathtime tonight!
She was pretty excited about the cookies, but for about 20 minutes she refused to eat them. (this is actually fairly common for Audrey and treats...she just holds onto them for the longest time!). Finally, I showed her how they were melting in her hands, and she decided it would be better to eat them than have messy hands.


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