Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29

As I said at the end of yesterday's post, it is spring cleaning/organizing/remodeling time! I am in the mood to clean out our house, get organized and change some things around here!

This was one of yesterday's projects: cleaning out the bathroom closet and medicine cabinet. This is the after picture. Not all that exciting, especially since I don't have a before picture. Just imagine it being very messy and overflowing with junk. The towels/sheets on the top shelf were stacked all the way to the ceiling. We really never use these towels anyway, so I got rid of a bunch of them. The toiletries and junk on the second shelf were just thrown onto the shelf haphazardly. This is a definite improvement.

I really enjoy organizing. But I am horrible at keeping up with all the organizational systems I create. I keep telling Daniel about my new plans to get organized this year, and he just laughs at me...because he knows I most likely won't keep up with it.

However, I figure that even if I don't keep up with everything on a regular basis, I always go through a major purge and organizational redo every year. So at least for a short period of time, our house will be simpler and cleaner and more organized. Who knows, maybe this will be the year that I get my act together and keep everything in its place all year long!

More to come on this topic in the days/weeks ahead!! We rearranged our living room tonight for the first time in 6 years...not sure how it is going to work out exactly, but it is fun to change things up around here!


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