Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 31: Happy Birthday, Isla!

Today was Isla's big first birthday.  It wasn't a super exciting day, as most of the fun is planned for her party on Saturday.  And she is too young to really get excited about a birthday.  But we tried to do a few things to make it a special day.

We went to Mcdonald's for lunch.  This was probably much more special for Audrey than it was Isla, but Isla still ate her share of chicken nuggets and french fries.
After dinner tonight, we sang Happy Birthday to her, and then we all ate ice cream (we're saving the cake for Saturday's party).  Isla has had ice cream before, so this wasn't a new treat.  But she still loved it!  She was like a bird with her mouth wide open long before the spoon was in reach.

I was not planning to buy Isla a birthday present.  She is too young to understand, she will get plenty of presents on Saturday, and we are already spending too much money on her party.  But then I just thought it was sad that she wouldn't have anything at all to open on her actual birthday.  So Audrey and I picked out a Baby Einstein DVD for her at Target this afternoon.  Audrey also made a card for her. 

Here's a little glimpse at how much she has grown over the past year:

And here are a couple of comparisons of Audrey and Isla at 12 months old.

Tomorrow, after Isla's doctor's appointment, I will post her 12 month stats and updates along with her 12 month Raggedy Ann pictures.  Then it is party time on Saturday!


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