Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 27: Bathroom After Pictures

Finally, I am ready to post the after pictures of our bathroom refresher.  I can't call it a remodel or renovation, because there is SO much more that could be fixed/changed in this room.  So this was just like a little refresher to cosmetically make it look better. 

And it looks so much better!  It's been a couple of months since we first started this project and got rid of all the purple.  Oh my, I forgot how horrid all that purple stuff was until I looked at these pictures again!  I sold all of the purple towels and accessories in our garage sale, so it is officially purged from our house forever.

We got rid of the yucky black box in the wall, and we don't miss it at all!  Maybe someday we will put a toilet paper holder on the wall, so we can get rid of the free-standing one.  But for now, this works!

We also put new trim all around the room.  We had two different kinds of trim in there, and some of it was in pretty bad shape.  Putting in new trim also allowed us to put trim around the bottom of the vanity.  The wood at the bottom was starting to disintegrate.  Like I said, this was just a cosmetic refresher not a real fix, so we just put the trim on top of the wood to make it look better.  The whole vanity really needs to be replaced, but with the trim, some fresh paint and new knobs it is definitely an improvement.

I might hang something on this wall in the future, though I kind of like the clean look of the empty wall.  We got rid of the shelf that was really serving no purpose except to collect dirt and dust!

There you have it!  This project did end up being a little more expensive than I originally budgeted.  I understimated the cost of buying new towels.  I just bought two hand towels and a couple of bath towels and washcloths.  But add that in with a new shower curtain and a new rug and a few decorative accents, and it added up more quickly than I expected!  I think we spent around $250 for everything, which is not too shabby for such a great visual improvement.


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