Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20: Isla's New Dress

Today, Isla wore one of her new dresses that I bought at the garage sale on Friday.  She got lots of compliments on her dress at church today, and everyone was surprised that it was a 50 cent garage sale find!

 Photography note:  If you notice a difference between the top two pictures and the rest of the pictures, it is because I turned off the flash.  First, I used the camera's built in flash (something I really don't like to use because it creates harsh shadows and unnatural looking light).  So I decided to turn it off and see if I could get a decent picture.  I knew the light was not ideal, as it was coming from the door behind her that was kind of far away, and I would prefer for it to be coming from a source in front of her and a little closer.  But I was able to get a few pictures (by increasing the ISO and lowering the shutter speed and changing to a wider aperture, if you care about that stuff), even if they aren't the greatest quality.
She is cruising all over the place these days.  This was the first time I have ever seen her move from the bench to the wall.
 From the wall, she really wanted to keep cruising, but she ran out of things to grab and support herself.
 Until Mommy reached out her hand and gave her support to keep moving!  She loves to be on the move!
 She also loves to look out the front door. 
 And she loves to stick out her tongue.
Aw, she is just so cute.  And so sweet.  And so smart.  And so funny.  How is it possible that she is almost one?  I'm feeling very sentimental about my little baby growing up, so be prepared for lots of rambling posts from me about her in the coming weeks leading up to her first birthday!


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